The Derivative is a bi-annual online publication launched in October 2020, in the midst of unprecedented political, social, economic, and environmental collapse in Lebanon. It is an attempt at building collective vocabularies, registers, and practices able to account for and run against the systemic onslaught we are faced with.

The Derivative is a student of the uprising of Oct 17, 2019; it is first and foremost a rhizomatic object around which to mobilize a diversity of praxes. Experimenting with collective editorial models, each issue is above all an excuse to think and make together and a way to expand and strengthen networks of friends and allies through divergent modes of address, thought, and action.

Every issue of The Derivative starts with three guest editors, each assigned a theme in the form of a three-letter root word (جذر) in Arabic. Each editor then collaborates with five contributors to help unfold the various facets of each theme, as well as an artist contribution responding to each text.

Issue: 03 03/22_08/22

List of Contributors

ش.ب.ح (Ghost)

Guest editor: Mirene Arsanios

Written contributions by Haytham El Wardany & Lama El Khatib, Suneela Mubayi, Christian Nyampeta, Salma Shamel, and Asiya Wadud.

Artistic contributions by Maxime Hourani.

ب.ش.ر (Human) 

Guest editor: Sumayya Kassamali

Written contributions by Majd al-Shihabi, Alexandra Chreiteh, Golrokh Nafisi, Hicham Safieddine, and Hana Sleiman.

Artistic contributions by Aline Deschamps.

ح.ر.ق (Fire)

Guest editor: Rijin Sahakian

Written contributions by Sajjad Abbas, Jananne Al-Ani, Rheim Alkadhi, Sinan Antoon, and Omar Dewachi.

Artistic contributions by Sajjad Abbas, Jananne Al Ani, Rheim Alkadhi, and Omar Dewachi.